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Chino Grinder Pre-Ride and Lessons Learned

Eight riders showed up for the March 15th pre-ride. Five intending to do the 106 mile full course the others the 42 mile course. We started out at from Old Home Manor Park at 8:15 with one rider (Scott) staying

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Converting a Mountainbike to a Dropbar Gravel Grinder

Dropbars on mountainbikes can be traced back at least 25 years to Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member John Tomac. Tomac was an all-rounder cyclist winning national and international titles in BMX, Road and Mountain Biking. Professionally racing both mountain

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Here are some tire choices from Panaracer (our tire sponsor) that should perform exceptionally well on the Chino Grinder course.  Use a tire that is considered ideal for hardpack or gravel conditions. For mountain bikes, if you already have tubeless

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Endurance Nutrition

This post was written for Epic Gravel Rides by guest blogger Dan McGehee, an accomplished endurance athlete. We hope you will find these tips useful as you begin training for the Chino Grinder!    Of all the race preparation details,

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Road Bike Set Up for the Chino Grinder

So you think you want to ride a road bike on the dirt section of the Chino Grinder course. Can it be done? The short answer is yes. The long answer follows. The first place to look is to find

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