Course Pre-Ride – March 15th

Local cyclists from the Chino/Prescott/Prescott Valley area are planning a casual group ride of the same course we will be using for the Chino Grinder on March 15th. They will be meeting at the Old Home Manor Park at 8:00AM. This is a local unofficial group ride. It is important to note this will be a CASUAL ride, at your own pace, self supported, no insurance, ride at your own risk. They are simply having a group ride to check out the course and anyone is welcome to join them.


106 Mile Cue SheetStart: Old Home Manor Park, Chino Valley, AZ

– right Old Home Manor Rd 0.01 Mi
– left onto E Perkinsville Rd 19.8 Mi
– left at stop sign Perkinsville Rd. 31.3 Mi
– left onto E Ski Run Rd 1.5 Mi

Return route:

– E Ski Run Rd 1.5 mi
– right Perkinsville Rd. 31.3 mi
– right Perkinsville Rd. 19.8 mi***
– right Old Home Manor Rd. 0.01

*** Turn right where the stop sign was on the way out.

***If you miss this turn you’ll end up in Jerome!