Here’s what participants had to say about the Chino Grinder:

Chloe Woodruff (1st Place Women’s Overall): Just finishing the EpicGravelRides Chino Grinder is an accomplishment. 106 miles. Hot. Windy. TOUGH.

Jamey Driscoll (1st Place Mens Overall): Great day at the Chino Grinder. I am absolutely smoked, but I did it to myself. Thanks to Raleigh Bicycles and Clement Cycling for the help. The 106 mile course is the real deal, one that challenged me tactically.

Donn Kellogg – General Manager, Clement Tires: Super event. Great people across the board. The HAM radio personnel, the local high school and the local merchants. This is the way to do it. We are looking forward to next year…except maybe Caroline Mani

Caroline Mani: I will go back and ride in 6h30!

Nicole Duke: See you next year!

Ben Berden: One of the hardest races I have ever done.

TJ Woodruff: Hardest ride I have ever done.

Tom Ament – Vassago Cycles Owner: We sat up and took in the venue – really awesome

Kaolin Cosmo Cummens –  Owner, Flat Tire Bike Shop: That just set the bar really high for gravel grinders in AZ. This race is gonna be BIG TIME next year…..double!!

Terry Schmidtknecht: Great event, best support, hardest bike ride to date I’ve done. Can’t wait till next year.

Dan Whitehill: Thanks! Great event! Next time I’m bringing IVs and a different bike!

Sandi Scrimgeour: Hey Chino Grinder thanks for putting on a great race! You organized a well staffed and volunteered event. The aid station were the best I think I have ever seen! And volunteers were out on the course always offering water!

John Coomer: Congratulations on a great inaugural Chino Grinder! Next year I predict 500 riders ready for the finish into the wind!

Jonathan Wolter: This is a great event! Thanks to all who set up,helped, volunteered. We will be back next year. Oh and we’re looking forward to more Grinders as well.

Michael Barbour: The best ride I’ve ever been slaughtered by. Best support I’ve ever experienced. The beauty of the scenery and the ferocity of the climbs was matched only by the superb and generous support crew. Thanks for one hell of a day!!

Sue B. Rawley: Thanks for putting on an awesome event! Nice to have something new and different AND local! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun and felt so good about a DNF! We really appreciated everyone who volunteered for the event: those at the aid stations, the communication teams, the sag support, the event crew, the folks handing out water on the course. Can’t wait for next year!

Adam Kroger: I just wanted to take a second and say how impressed I was with the race organization and of course, all the wonderful people that made this event shine. I’ve never seen that high a level of race support, ever. I think there were only two reported aid stations, but they seemed to be everywhere including mobile rovers handing out water and support…tip of the hat Chino Grinder. It was the toughest race I’ve done, but now that my memory is getting fuzzy, I may just come back for another shot at it!

K.c. Payne: Excellent event…. very nicely done! This was my first ever event (42 mile ride). Thanks to the sponsors, volunteers, participants and organizers…. I will be back! I met some AWESOME people and learned a bunch. What a GREAT day! When can we start signing up for the 2015 Chino Grinder???

Carey Downs: What an awesome event. The last 20mi of this race really hurt. Good times!! —

Marilyne Fichant: That was the hardest 106 miler i ever rode!!!

Dan Hight: Just wanted to say overall the event was great. Very well planned, lots of support at aid stations and on course. Never would have thought it was a first year event. Boy that bacon and cold Coke was good!